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One last migration update [Jun. 28th, 2010|08:31 am]
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  • I recently finished setting up a blog on my own domain, That's where my future posts will appear. I'll still use this account ([info]shortcipher) for reading.

  • It's an external site like any other, and is not based on LiveJournal, although you can log in there with LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, any other OpenID, Twitter or Facebook.

  • It has a feed, and InsaneJournal syndicates that feed as [info]chris_boyle, which you can add to your friends page as if it were an InsaneJournal user.

  • As of 2010-06-28, there have been 3 posts: Hello, world!, Chrome to Phone CL and Lock on unplug. If you didn't see any of them, chances are you haven't set up a way to read the feed.