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Puzzles on Android updated[Nov. 22nd, 2009|03:24 pm]

For those who won't have seen it elsewhere: I've updated my Android port of Simon Tatham's puzzle collection. It now includes:
  • native code instead of NestedVM (smaller, faster, I have rebuilt it, I have the technology)
  • a selective on-screen keyboard for keyboardless devices
  • undo/redo buttons on that keyboard (no more Menu/Undo/Menu/Undo/...)
  • saving and loading on the SD card
  • documentation in the package instead of launching the browser
  • Helge Kreutzmann's German translation of the documentation
  • improved crash reporting
  • a bunch of bug fixes for recently-released Android devices, and other bug fixes
If you're reading this on Android, you can go directly to Android Market.
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