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Coming soon: Simon Tatham's puzzles for Android/G1 [Oct. 4th, 2008|10:06 pm]
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Once upon a time, [info]simont wrote some very nice portable puzzles. Then I bought a Palm, and noticed someone had done a Palm port, and distraction ensued for many a happy hour. I'll soon be buying a T-Mobile G1, and want it to run these puzzles, so I'm porting them.

Android applications are Java-based, so I'm very grateful to Michael Schierl and the NestedVM project for previous work to make the puzzles run as Java applets, meaning all I have to do is change J2SE applet bits to their Android equivalents. Still to do: erm, rather a lot actually. I currently only have the bare minimum required to produce what you see to your left (drawing callbacks and not much else; no interaction yet).