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In which Sergei finally gets some armour [Aug. 2nd, 2008|01:17 am]
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Earlier today I looked up the date of my first LARP event. It was Foundation, just over two years ago. I was slightly surprised; I didn't think I'd been at it that long and still think of myself as a complete beginner who hardly understands any of the game. Nevertheless, I've caught the LARP bug and am likely to continue for the forseeable future, so I've decided that for my tenth event, I will actually get a proper armour physrep. Darkblade seem nice and sensibly priced, so I'm thinking about their Ryder armour and articulated vambraces, unless anyone has better ideas? I've already looked at the stands at events and the websites of LRPStore and Norton Armouries. I'd also appreciate any recommendations on where to find appropriate boots or boot-tops.

Edit: I now have some Elven Armour and Scales Greaves from Primal Forge, who were very helpful (answering questions and such) and shipped promptly.