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More mobile-related waffle [Jun. 24th, 2008|03:32 pm]
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I'm now on O2 (number unchanged) and in possession of a shiny Bluetooth gadget. I'm somewhat annoyed with Palm about a bug they seemingly can't be bothered to fix: button on Bluetooth headset does nothing when not on a call. If they fixed that, I would now be able to simply press the button on my new toy, say "call Susan" and it would work, using the shiny Voice Dial app, as it does for wired headsets. It's not that big a deal though, as I rarely want to dial a call when on the move, especially a call that isn't a redial (which is achieved by holding down the button and does work). The advantages of this device for me are mostly about being able to listen to music and respond to incoming calls on the same headphones.

As for O2, they seem to have been competent so far; the porting happened when they said it would without incident. Having unlimited* calls to [info]numberland, [info]rocketjon and anyone else who happens to be on O2 is going to be nice, as is unlimited* data. :-) The typical figure at which you might be considered to be breaking rule 7 is apparently 500MB/month, so I don't think they'll object to regular use of IMAP IDLE for immediate email notification.