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The case of the missing UPS delivery [Jun. 9th, 2008|05:13 pm]
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Did one of you lot send something via UPS to my workplace? Someone claiming to be from UPS called them on Monday 2nd (my birthday), asking if I would be in between 9 and 5 the next day to sign for something. My workplace told them I wouldn't (I was on holiday all last week); the caller asked for (and was given) three names who could sign for it instead. Apparently, no such delivery ever arrived. I've just called UPS and they say they probably have no record of any of this, but they can't be sure without a tracking number, which the caller didn't provide. Anyone care to own up? :-) Alternatively, does anyone know of any type of fraud or similar this caller might have been attempting? UPS said this type of call isn't generally something they do; they tend to only call if they have trouble finding the place or have failed to deliver something (and I quite often see UPS vans delivering successfully to this building), but they did say that a new driver started in this area last week.