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Fun with transport, part 42... [May. 17th, 2008|09:12 am]
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[Mood | annoyed]
[Music |Wir sind Helden - Guten tag]

This really isn't my week. Susan and I decided last night to go to Coventry for the weekend to see [info]si1entdave and friends. Unfortunately my car disagreed with this plan and became undrivable on the way. Dave is lovely and got us and our stuff to our destination, but I'm now scratching my head over how to transform a dead car near Coventry into a working car in Cambridge without making my bank account cry, if at all possible. I don't actually have any breakdown cover; I never got around to joining the AA...

As I've said before, why can't Coventry and Cambridge just be closer together? I'm sure there are enough bits in-between that wouldn't be missed. :-)

Edit: Fixed now. Nationwide Autocentre on Foleshill Road (Coventry) are to be recommended.