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Housewarming this weekend (18th-20th)[Apr. 14th, 2008|11:40 am]

Over seven months in the making, it's… *drumroll*… the official Normality Housewarming! One Three Nights Only! Contact me (or [info]numberland) if you don't know the location. (Annoyingly, my mobile phone operator has just gone out of business and is moving me to Vodafone, so I expect I might be temporarily unreachable at some point for some unknown length of time.)
  • Friday 18th evening & Saturday 19th: party!
  • Saturday 19th evening: Emilie Autumn concert in London; you will need to book tickets (you can listen to some of her music at
  • Sunday 20th: party, of a slightly more relaxed variety, board games etc.
I hope to see lots of you there! (Edit: there is also a Facebook event)
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