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Going Insane[Mar. 14th, 2008|09:20 pm]

So, er… hi. As you might notice from looking at my journal, I've moved. There is now hopefully nothing of mine of which LiveJournal holds the only copy. This makes me happy. :-) Reasons will be explained in a final post to LJ shortly. I've just friended a whole bunch of you whom I think I know from LJ. If any of you have filters you'd like me to be on, then as always, I'm happy to read anything you're happy for me to read.

Posts earlier than this point were migrated from LiveJournal; they have a few problems (such as no comments, usernames refer to IJ, no link to original entry, polls should be copied in static form, etc.) I will fix these at some point, using data I have already downloaded, in my copious free time.

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